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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I LOVE Your Blog.......

We didn't stressed out ourselves a lot as we used to be on a cheerful Saturday. Reason was my Scot was down with a runny nose & bit of cough so dady has no mood to go anywhere far from our secure home. Just hopped in to the newly opened Giant mall in Bandar Kinrara neighbourhood to get some groceries......very huge store with great offerings too! Then straight we headed back home......rest, unpacked groceries, preparation for dinner & basically linger around watching TV!
As the boys started to run out of battery, I sneaked out for a hair treatment while dady stay put to mind the boys!!
The boys were exceptionally tired today & knocked off very early tonight leaving both dady & mumy very free. Furthermore, ASTRO didn't have any good show......sucks!

So here I am blogging & busy hopping to others' blog when i stumbled upon a series of late night surprises!! Our dear papajoneh has given me 2 consecutive features in his blog!! Oh my oh my, such a disbelief yet very touching, warm......is Sabahan all that nice ahh?? Suddenly my late night felt so sparkle as if someone just release fireworks.

Firstly, he said he Love My Blog !! That alone I already 'melt' lor.......really never expect this! Of course i love a blog that has such a nice & thoughtful author too!

Then, he posted a pic of my site on his laptop while he was at work..........ooi, if your boss discovered & reprimand you, don't blame me, k??? All I want to say is it felt just so nice to be remembered !!! Btw, ppj is a dad to a set of twin boys too with a 3 year old elder son. We are all nice parents willing to share every bits of our parenting tips, just knock my door anytime!

So, i'm suppose to pass on this award. As denotes on my side bar, all the sites that I visit would be the blog that I LOVE !!!


Sasha said...

ah u just commented in my blog
means u lafu my blog also lo!

Jacss said...

ooh, of course i love the blog of this leng lui called sasha lol!

PapaJoneh said...

aikkk still no update jacss?
you ok kah? u not sick or anything are u?
just dropping by..coz my server is up and happy blog hopping..
actually now at home...back for late lunch with wife :)

Jacss said...

hey papa........i'm ok, fine.........but just that i 'tengah kerja' lar........
for yr info, usually will not update much during weekdays, reach home almost 8-9pm...........hopping to fill the gap during weekends only !!!
so meanwhile......stay tune ya!!

wah, u so syiok ahh, 4pm at home edi......but but i know u will have to be back for night shift later??? if yes, then not too good, hehe !!!