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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bento week # 16

The boys had a whole week off from school last week. I was kinda spared from the bento homework! Anyhow there were 2 HOME bentos prepared!

During the weekend, i made some "Loh Mai Fan" / steam glutinous rice and kept some extra in the fridge! Instead of the usual "Loh Mai Kai", i substituted with chinese sausage & ham which are handy in stock!

It was initially prepared for school..... only to discover later that school was closed!!

In the blue silicon cup : Pears shaped in cars
A bowl of glutinous rice & corn jelly as dessert !!

2nd home bento was prepared early in the morning of Saturday. Got to leave home by 9:30 am as the boys' class starts at 10am so it was a rush job!

On the left side of the plate:
flower shaped EGG with tomato sauce and bread pudding!

On the right side of the plate:
2 slices of 'cempedak' cake, chocolate finger biscuits, 1/2 cup of dragon fruit enzyme & a marsh mallow!

Guess the serving was a bit too much heh? Both of them couldn't finished the meal. They were told to gulp down the enzyme juice first but guess what was they first pick???

Of course none other than d marsh mallow.....la. Only egg, cakes & biscuit were finished. But the bread pudding was untouched !!!
I think i would've give it a pass too given the "not-so-tempting" look of the pudding.....as i was kind of rushing out of time with baking and didn't managed to wait till it turns brown!!

See below......yucky rite?? So guess what's the fate of the bread pudding???
They went down to 'kakak' stomach........bwahahahaha !!!


NEXT are all MY BENTOs..........

A bowl of 'loh mai fan' as the source of carbo (which i don't really need actually).
Veggies consist of broccoli, baby corn, cherry tomato, & jap cucumber.
Few pieces of crab stick wrap in egg fish cake.
Desserts: Heart shaped corn jelly & pears!!

Next was Friday's bento!

Have you eaten any 'ketupat' / 'lemang' this year??
On the way to & back from our Bukit Tinggi's outing, we saw many stalls selling "LEMANG" / "glutinous rice cooked in bamboo" !! Since it was a season food, we can't resist getting some!!
Look at the stretch of the 'lemang' stalls along the highway!!!

I had no idea how the rice cooked in the bamboo can be so soft & smooth even by eating them plainly. As for the 'rendang' curry, it was pure luck that the one we chose & bought was very delicious!

Here is my Friday's bento! Oooh....i really hate going back to work on Friday after 2 days of holiday but as it coincides with my month-end closing schedule, i had no choice but to slave at work !!!


Side track a bit....first time doing doughnut at home since it's a snack that can never be wrong with kids!! I came across the recipe from an old snack book i dug out from the drawer!! It was a little different from the usual doughnut i ate. So i was curious to give it a try.
The recipe calls for the addition of sweet potatos into the doughnut mixture so the outcome of the doughnut has the taste of "ubi keledek goreng" !!!

That's the end of my bento spread for the week!!


allthingspurple said...

lidat also boleh ar. Pack bento only to discover no school.hee hee. I was sleeping in whole week. What bliss. no need to get up at 6 am to pack bento.

Ei, how come the boys class start at 10 am one. I thought kindies start at 9? Its those twice weekly ones issit?

Lemang. as usual the lemang we got are not fully cook. have to steam somemore when we get home. I swear i am going to boycott lemang.

shoppingmum said...

Your bento meal looks yummy to me la, but maybe I'm a bit eater so I can finish the food. LOL! But for kids, ya, a bit too much liao...

Annie Q said...

LOL!! I have guess that the "bread pudding" have go to your maid stomach!! hahahhaha.

So little for lunch, enough ar? heheheh, just one small bowl of glutinous rice if me i think i need to eat two! hahahhaha, me big eater, no wonder when u see my lunch u said " so much carbo!" hhahaha

LittleLamb said...

this mummy really very hard working....

slavemom said...

If my girl gets this kind of b/fast, she'll sure sapu everything clean clean. Normally, she oni eats bread and/or biscuits. :p Terrible mommy hor. Wah... donut oso buat. Looks good after deco. ;)

huisia said...

OMG...you really a super woman...:)
the bread looks fine for me...hehe..

Dora said...

The Loh Mai Fan looks so yummy lah, want to have a bite although I'm just back from lunch!

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... looks delicious the bento!

By the way, are the bento kits you bought in HK cheaper than Daiso in Singapore??

Wonderful Life said...

But Singapore has 7% gst... still worth to buy from there than HK?

LZmommy said...

What a sumptuous breakfast your boys had :)

Lor mai fan is something that I need to try cooking next. Yours look so good :)