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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bento week # 18

The boys first bento for the past week was sandwich toast!

I used the raisin bread for toast with slices of ham & cheese which was cut into cube & fastened with a pick!! It's really hard to get strawberries that are sweet so i had to add few drops of honey to combat the sour taste of the fruits, else i'll risk having them untouched! The 2 little pieces of birdy cookies were my first bake of the "kuih bangkit"....which doesn't tasted like one though (bit too hard....blek) !!


Not everyday, the boys would returned with a clean bento box!! So on a day when i really want them to EAT, finish & come back with a 'polished' box, i'll fried their all time favourite
i.e. fried rice, what to do....."china ah pek's taste" ma !!
So i filled up the whole box with rice & topped with eggs & a pc of sausage !!


The below bento might looked simple yet i find it time consuming preparing varieties of dishes like that !!
You need to boil the water to cook the frozen edamame.
Then using the same boiling water to cook the hard quill eggs.
Re-heat pre-cooked chicken strips.
Microwave bake beans with eggs.
Cut & arrange kiwi fruits (though d cutting part was done by 'potato').

Anyway, that's the bento for the day & hopefully it was appreciated !!


And when a light meal was all that was expected (as i knew the boys would prefer the school's menu for the day), why not try giving them a dessert instead !!

So, i made them the Palm Sugar & Coconut Jelly !!


While the boys had toast with ham & cheese, i had the same sandwich too minus the toast.....to save time & effort !! Plus more 'kuih bangkit' for munching, strawberries & a little bread pudding (obviously from the boys' cut out left over)!

Eeemm.....am sure my sandwich tasted better with cucumber & tomato!!

...the ugly looking bread pudding...


I considered myself lucky when mom cooked a little extra for dinner!! It means lunch for the next day was settled. And it was even blissful when the dish was my mom's specialty and my all time favourite too!! Ohh, btw don't call yourself a Malaysian if you don't like curry chicken, wokay !!!
I added cherry tomatoes & baby carrots to the tomato rice!!

Having said all, if mom really cooks such nice meals for my lunch everyday, am sure my wasteline gonna burst out all my pants & skirts......arghhhh !!!!

Another weekend ended and hope you'll have a great week ahead !!
Happy Bento !!


renet13 said...

As usual your bento is always nice & appetising. BTW we have the same mould you used for your jelly & i used it for my recent desert posted in my blog: Lychee Taufu Fah Pudding..sad to say since it's white..cant really see the details of the shape.

Need to also aske you where to get the shirt & bow tie that Sean & scott wearing on the right side picture in your blog? Thought of getting them for my sister's wedding in Dec.

Jacss said...

hi irene...i've yet to check out yr post but lychee taufu fah sounds a great dessert too!!
i got the bow tie from a retail outlet of My Tie Shop in MidValley, check out their site for address of their branches:
As for the white blouse, it depends on d quality that u r looking for. Since i figure that it's not very likely that the boys will hv d chance to wear a WHITE blouse, i just buy a very 'cheap' type from KAMDAR...surprisingly cheap yet comfy, it even came with a matching wears, hahaha

wen said...

wah got theme one eh!

Jacss said...

ooh wen, i NO understd what u meant by 'theme' wor....????

Irene said...

yooooooooorrrr... im hungry lah!!!!!

Ruth said...

Hi hoping over here just simply because I'm looking for some bento's blog...:) You did very well in bento-ing! all look so appetizing! I saw many bloggers mom is so busy with this new baby"bento", since my DH is in Japan, tot to get some to start and join the fun...but dunno what to buy...haha... need your advise:)

Annie Q said...

pppssttt...i don't like curry chicken wor. Dim howe??
But i like nasi lemak!!

jacss said...

hi ruth, thks for dropping by!! like what i'd commented in yr blog, if i were u, i'll wallop as many tools & gears as possible from Japan coz it's darn cheap there compared to here, hahaha

aikkk annie, kelakar lah you, like nasi lemak but not curry ahh...then u makan nasi putih with ikan bilis, telur & timun saja kah???

slavemom said...

Ur jellies vy cute lah. U've got a lot of moulds hor. Bet ur cooking utencils also a lot. As much as the boys' toys? :D