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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bento week # 17

I have been back to lazy in posting up my bentos again......the usual excuse, time was just too jealous of me !! So it's marathon again to blur your visions....hope u could bear with it.....

Squirrel pancake day!!

Besides a thin piece of squirrel pancake, there was also a heart shape mouthful size pancake with honey juice in the little containers!!
At the bottom was stir fried green beans with 'choi pou' (boys' favourite) which acted as the grass where the squirrel sits on!! Near the grass was a piece of 'crab' sausage!
I knew that once this box is place in the boys' school bag, most likely the contents would jumble & got messy! So i crumbled a piece of alum foil & placed on top of the food to minimise the messyness! Anyway, once i'd done preparing this, i immediately showed the boys so that they got to enjoy it.....hehe!!


At the bottom: 2 pieces of home-made Hash Brown balls separated by cucumber slice!! Tomato sauce in the container & a marsh mellow treat!
In the silicon cup: A piece of rambutan surrounded by grapes!!


Muffin Days !!

I had this 2 sided flip flop container which i hardly get to use, think i got it from 100yen shop!
So since the muffin size fits nicely into one of the compartment, it was a good time to use it!!

One of the compartment has fruits salad (grapes & rambutan-seedless)

The other side has a orange poppy seed muffin where i twirled some peanut butter sauce on top!

On another day, i baked banana muffin for all, the boys, mom & dad even kakak had it for breakfast !! Added an oreo biscuit to make it more appetizing!!


** Next are all MY Bentos **

Oyster chicken drumsticks cooked by mom and i added some greens in (cucumber). Only allowed myself a little rice on the penguin silicon cup topped with seaweed flakes....guess u all know how much was that, hahaha, looks like very little i was eating, yet still so fat !!!


Another bento curtosy of mom too!

Yong Tau Foo day!
I like this bento very much.....

Stuffed bitterguards (my favourite) & "fu chuk".

At the bottom left was 1 pc of steam chicken with coriander soya sauce topping! Also a cherry tomato to fill the gap.


My western lunch !

Left container was a salad. Green leafy, tomatoes, grapes & cut sausages serve with thousand island sauce!
Top Right was cut-out pancakes (from the boys' squirrel pancakes) served with honey syrup!
Balance of Stir fried long bean for the boys squirrel pancakes too!
Did you notice all the "unwanted" leftovers from the boys went to my bento...???

That's the end of my last week's bentos !!
Have another great week ahead !!


shoppingmum said...

I have problem putting the sauce like ketchup into that little containers (the first pic). Is it easy for you to do so with the honey?

jacss said...

shpmum: i don't think those little containers with such tiny opening are meant for thicker sauces like tomato!! i would think it's more for liquid sauces like soya sauce, diluted honey (like what i do) or the like....as u practically need the little stringe provided to transfer the liquid into the containers!!

LittleLamb said...

wow......such a healthy n nice looking lunch..your colleagues got get jealous???

i wont mine bento-ing for lunch but i m lazy *blek*

Anggie's Journal said...

heh... aiyo ur bento ... so nice... i m just too lazy to prepared !!!
btw here's the Wilton i mention in my blog (http://www.2decoratecakes.com/index.htm) ... once u go in .... i sure u add up buying alot and dun wan to go back ...hhahahahha.. so many nice nice baking tools and ingredient to buy la... but abit expensive this brand ... "yat fan chen yat fan foh" .... me purposely ask my fren drive me there lor.... remember i from kajang .... hahahha..

slavemom said...

Wah... ur bento-ing skills getting so much better edi. Squirrel on grass with crab (I thot it was a flower :p) samo... fuiyoh!
Good that u use the 'unwanted' leftovers for ur bentos. So there's no wastage mah. Eat healthy n safe $. Keep up the good work! ;)

chanelwong said...

soo yummy n detail...
envy your hardwork...

Annie Q said...

Jacss, u eat so little little rice, compare to mine!! hahahhahahah Told u i'm big eater!!!

I love the squirrel pancake, look so cute!!! I just got my sausage "mould" yesterday, have yet to try it out. :)

hahhahaha, me too, those unwated/cut out food, all goes to my tummy!!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Jacss, beautiful bentos....you sure one great cook.
There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful mother or wife in the act of cooking bentos or dinner for people she loves.

You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Zara's Mama said...

every day even when your boys eat at home, you'll still make their food this way and serve them in containers?

So hardworking ler..

JO-N said...

Jacss, you are getting better. Love the first presentation, squirrel on grass - creative!

liteng said...

u're so creative in bento-ing!! ur blog makes me drooling :p hahah

i wish my mum can make me a bento too!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ you're so creative.. I super duper love your squirrel's bento!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ you're so creative.. I super duper love your squirrel's bento!