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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Fruitful weekend that has been long lost ......

Our weekend was usually filled with outings (merely means away from home even if it's only a trip to the shopping mall). Maybe both huby & I are not the type who enjoy staying at home. We also felt that we are obligated to spend sometime with the boys at either public playground or paid play centre or a reading session at the bookstore!! With that, it means i hardly have a peaceful time managing household affairs given that there are so many other things that eats up my time, BENTO.....BLOGGING......BAKING (not enough???)

This past weekend, i felt i'd achieved so much !!! So many tasks accomplished !!! First of all, the boys' mountain of TOYS at home had been seriously in an UGLY sight! Over the years & months, the toys only got to accumulate and had never been downsized !!! Just about anywhere i could find space to hide their toys, there they would be buried.....esp. in time when there will be guests visiting & we were running short of time to tidy up.

The worst victim of all was the TV cabinet. Other than the middle portion of the TV top was occupied to place the TV, the rest of the compartments were ALL FILLED UP with toys!

... THE MAIN TOY CABINET has already been over crowded ...






I had long wanted to do a housekeeping of those toys that they have out grown !!
So i'd finally picked up the spirit to sort out those toys that are still in good condition & those that can be thrown. In the end, i had a big pack of toys that can be recycled. I will be donating them to the orphanage house!

Despite being busy on that day, i still cooked them a simple lunch as i was not in the mood to go out until my mission of settling down with the TOYS was completed !!

Site track a bit...I realised that even for meal time at home, these bento boxes are excellent use for the kids!! Not only that they increase the kids' appetite, they hold food better for kids since they have a deeper space, hence would eliminate the chance of the food spilling off as compared to using a plate instead !!
Furthermore, isn't it wise that i utilise them more since i'd invested so much in these boxes.....heh ??!!

Anyway, the job of sorting, arranging & storing of all the long jumbled up toys were really killing me. It nearly took my whole saturday off, with several breaks in between for cooking, lunch, baking snacks for tea, entertaining "the fights" at home & etc....until i was all sweaty & soaky!!

I can even baked a simple cherry muffins with mixed nuts (i was trying to finish of the left over cherries from the earlier baking session of the Black Forest Cake)

I finally gave it a FULL STOP at 4pm as i had completed nearly 80% of the job and wouldn't care less for the remaining.....!! I took a good shower & decided to rest & nap for awhile with the boys. But the boys just wouldn't cooperate. They continued to talk & talk on the bed & refuse to sleep. Suddenly Sean said he had a 'stomachache' of which i asked if it's a poo that he needs, but only to realise his stomach pain means 'hungry'...hahaha !! It was already close to 6pm. So, i thought i better start cooking dinner. As i was busy trying to speed up my cooking, suddenly it was all quiet out there.
And this was the sight i discovered !!!
Aduh....yeah such tired they were !!!

I retired my Saturday after watching the final 2 episodes of the Last One Standing series shown at Astro On Demand.


Next Sunday morning, as expected i was forced to wake up early again. I didn't cooked them any breakfast but just snacking some left over muffins. Then i started changing the table runner, cushion covers, table & cabinet cloths.....basically all the "tidying-up-the-house" tasks....once again a long overdue one!! Then, i proceeded to pack my luggage for an upcoming trip next week...probably a post on this next !! By the time i was done, it was nearly 10am and thought i should be planning for brunch already. I was kind of tired & boring then so i thought it would be a win-win situation if i could send the boys of to a play centre (which has been much needed anyway) while i relief myself with a nail job & some retail therapy!! So off we went to Mid Valley & had our brunch at Oh Sushi. Then i got the boys registered at Megakids & left 'potato' minding them while i quickly headed to the salun, just a floor down. I dare not think about indulging into a full menicure spa or the like as i would never know when my mobile would ring just in case the boys need me to attend!! So it was just a quick "cut+shape+buffing" session which lasted less than 30mins. I was all prepared to forgo the nail job if the queue is long but thank god, i was immediately served once i walked in. After i had my nails polished nice & shine, i even had enough time to shop for a much needed pair of legging !!!
I had a quiet peaceful moment all by myself for nearly 1 hour & no interruption at all until i became worried. So i went back to check on them. And I had my query answered, the boys met their school mate and they had a good time playing together. The boys were even reluctant to leave. On our way to the car park, the boys were still not contended & wanted to eat ice-cream. SO they had a scoop each in the car. By the time we reached home, it was about 3pm & we all hadn't eaten anything after our sushi brunch!! So i made a quick snack for tea.
The boys called it :

... Mummy's McDonald meal ...
just because i had some french fries there, hehehe !!!

I just threw in the marinated chicken & the baby potatoes into the oven & bring them to cook while toasted few slices of bread with cheese in the toaster. Frying those little fries on the non-stick pan was rather quick & hassle-free too.

Place the chicken strips on the toast & squeeze some tomato sauce!
That's mumy's version of BURGER, hahaha......

Scot love it so much that he specifically requested the same 'burger' for Monday's Bento. Since i had balance of the chicken chop, i fulfilled his request. Will try to post that up soon.

To end this long 'rojak' post, i'll present you the master piece of this week !!

... Tadda ...

These were done on Friday night, this time with my youngest sister who place "an order" with me for cupcakes & konyaku jellies. She had a pot luck session with her colleague mates on Sat & offered herself to bring desserts!! She must have had a super real big guts for trusting her "setengah masak"/"half-boiled" skilled sister, hahaha !! And this super good sister gave away the orders absolute free of charge.....it was just to satisfy her baking & decorating bugs, hehe....

Anyway, to reduce the chances of failure, i asked her to buy 'pre-mix' flour & i only added blueberries & carrots into the cakes to create 2 flavours!! This time around, i found a tentative solution to my icing problem. I tried using the alternative to whipping cream i.e. meringue powder to made my icing topping and i have to say that this is so much easier to handle as compared to the whipping cream!! And those cute little carrots were bought candy, not made by me, ok!! Oooh, i just HEART the super white icing carrot cupcake (anyway looks nice doesn't necessarily guarantee good taste, ok)!!

Hope you had a good time enjoying our weekend's happenings !!

Have another great week ahead !!


LittleLamb said...

wah..you could have called me. then i go help u sort the toys and the "throw" one for me... geehehehhehe

have a safe trip...

btw, after a nice padi n mani... and u still cook? what skill is this? can teach or not. for me, sure colors will start coming off...:(

Anggie's Journal said...

2 boys sure got alot of toys ....hihihi.. can keep or donate the old toys.

aiyo.. after penat penat... u still do bento ??? good mummy.

khongfamily said...

That's A LOT of toys!! And woww..your lunch boxes are a lot too!!

Irene said...

omg, the amount of toys. i think im getting there too, but not as keng as you!

walaoeh, veri "tai tai" ah, salon, manicure, esssshhh!

and the cakes! sob sob sob! i waaaannnnt...

Irene said...

and i like the pics of your both boys sleeping. hahaha... so peaceful & cute!!!!

Rjoc said...

Such a clean up! But the empty spaces will soon be filled up witth new stuff!!
Have you tried icing sugar for the cakes, it goes "harder" than the whipped cream.

Annie Q said...

Wow Wow Wow!! I tot my son's toy is a lot! After seeing yours...hehehehhe, mine just half of yours.

Eh, i see all the bento boxes come in double? hahahhaha

Really a fruitful weekend, doing house chores, pedi and mani, baking, bentoing, blogging, shopping, wulalalala!!

Love your boys sleeping picture, so cute!!!

renet13 said...

Aiyoh what a coincidence.. I also posted about clearing my kids' stuff (something like spring cleaning the home oso)..then had to cook, too. at least you got 2 kids' stuff to clear..I've got 4 fella's "harta karun" to clear & tidy up. Veli tiring...must be getting ol as I mentioned in my blog. Happy day!

wen said...

i c so many toys i oso got scared. my kids cabinets oso can be this messy but i cleared it oredi.
wanna ask u, do ur twins pick their own clothes to wear everyday and do they always pick the same clothes to wear together?

jacss said...

i like to answer wen 1st: thank god my boys are so far quite satisfied with my selection of clothes for them!! and guess they got accustom to d culture a lot until they will yell for me after almost every shower, hahaha...& i dun mind doing that as i was more scared if they pull d shirt themselves & mess d whole cabinet!!

littlelamb: yes hv to cook even after mani...a mom's job ma, hahaha. anyway, i didn't do any color this time, it was only buffing (errr, u know those treatment that only made yr nails super shine??)

anggie: yeah, we r planning to donate our 2nd toys to orphanage house.

mrs.khong: hope i didn't scared u off yr chair!!!

ohh dear irene: i still remember i owe u a piece of cake....one day one day!!

u made me blushing uncle, yeah, that's precisely what i'm scared would happen too...well, i'm trying hard to control now!!
errr....u mean only icing sugar?? all my oth icing recipe be it with whip cream or egg white, they both require icing sugar as part of d ingredients!! u got to give me yr recipe soon, do send to my email!

yeah annie: u also agree that was indeed a fruitful one rite? ehh, your bento boxes not double meh, hahaha

LOL irene: u also did d same job heh...what i suppose yours would more challenging as like u say, u have double my headcount, hahaha

Daddy said...

Wow mommy. I'm impressed. Having twins and working and cooking for them at the same time. Must learn from you. I am struggling with just Ryan. Anyway, good blog. I'll be following.

slavemom said...

Vy productive indeed. I think with that amt of toys (n tupperwares), can buka kedai liao. Eh, how come give away the toys, not keeping for #3? *wink wink*
And really phooi fook u lah. After tidying for almost the whole day, still got mood n energy to cook. If lazy me, sure order delivery liao. :p
Must hv been great going for some pampering n uninterrupted shopping.
Ur cupcakes r getting vy popular edi. Got special orders. ;)

Anonymous said...

i too spend-ded the whole Saturday at home trying to organise the toys and stuff at home but haven't really realised my dream of organising cos there's not enuf space!!! hey is the meringue powder similar to egg white powder?? i dunno cos i bot the egg white powder but dunno what to do with it now...kakkaka