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Friday, October 10, 2008

Our holiday updates

OK here i am....finishing my homework!! Felt really shame lar....everyone has long done with their raya holiday.....sob sob!!
So i better cut the story short ....

It was a trip to savor a 'heavenly' meal recommended by our Malaysian Food Blog:
Taste with Jason/Ah Xian!!

The family had long talked about making a trip to this place to try out the dishes! Finally we made it this time with my parents, sis Mag & Angus who had been there before and since the location was at Mengkarak, Pahang (super 'kampung' really), a day trip was not possible. The nearest spot that we could put up a night was Bukit Tinggi, Pahang - the French Colmar Tropical hotel, that is where we stayed. It was certainly a regret to travel on such festive season, the sight of bumper to bumper started as early as when we reached Kg. Pandan & towards Ampang..... sigh!
The checking in at the hotel was another "HAVOC"......they failed to deliver our room despite a promised at 3pm until i really couldn't tolerate, hence 'ter' showed my 'tulan' face.....gosh!! If not bcoz of our anger voices & noises, they would've continued to hold us waiting......(remember a 'bully' always win, so dun care anymore?.....haha)

Anyway, without much a doo, here i present the food porn of the "heavenly meal"....hahaha,
but do take note of the truth fact, what was shown in the TV will always be more superior which is nevertheless expected la!!!

And with the lousy lighting and 'palia' camera, the dishes i captured do not looked as appealing as those in Ah Xian food blog! So u can take a look to compare if u r interested....

Buddha Jump Over the Wall / "Futt Tiew Cheong / Fo Tiao Qiang"

Certainly looked oily ehh.....the minimum pax to order for this dish is 10. Since we only have 7 adults & 2 kids, each of us had at least 2-3 bowls of it. The amount of ginsengs used were tremendously generous i would say thou the other 'good stuffs' like abalone, scallop, shark fins weren't as much & big as we'd expected!! Lesson learnt was never to expect too high!! The taste of the soup was undeniably tasty !!! Cost=RM450

Cereal buttered prawn!!
Thou not much different from elsewhere, they were good too!!

Goose feet / "Ngor Jeong"
the gravy was super 'finger licking good' !!

Fried frog / "Thin Kai".
Very big, thus meaty & fresh ! My boys love munching them....

Stewed Pork with Sea Cucumber / "Man Chue Sao"
I find this 'so-so' only......

That's the end of the meal. We were approx.ly RM700++ poorer that night!!!
Well, the verdict from all of us was: despite the food was worth the 'penny' esp. the "Futt Tiu heong" considering the expensive ingredients used, but to endure the journey of at least 1 and 1/2 hour (from BUKIT TINGGI to Mengkarak) was just too much to bear for us!! So, unless if the place is within easy reach, it's gonna be a tough decision on us to go to this place again!!

Some more, Bukit Tinggi was such a darn boring place. There was really nothing much to do there. But due to the festive season, the place looked "people-mountain-people-sea"
....a very rare scene !!!

For Mag & Angus, they had 10 more friends (5 couples) tagging along this trip in 3 cars so guess,
they just enjoyed the company of a group of buddies hanging together!! As huby was driving a super heavy 7-seater, we had a hard time chasing behind these youngsters who willingly risked their life speeding on the highway until i felt like crying for their mother, i tell you.........
It was kinda funny seeing how my mom & myself (being also a mom now) complaining & cursing how these bunch of kids do not seemed to value their precious life, without realising how much I, myself also behaved & acted like them at one stage of my life, hahaha.........sigh !!!!

See the guys playing mahjong behind ??? Not forgetting the fun part also includes beer, cigarettes & snacking..... Thank god we were not staying together in the same unit, else our hearts & lungs would had a hard time 'clearing' the polluted smoky air we inhaled !!!

Just another 'boring' sight of bukit tinggi !!!

The next morning's buffet breakfast (which was included by the hotel) was another ugly affair!! Long queue........not enough seat.......not enough food........

Since we don't have enough voucher, we left the vouchers for my parents & 'kakak'. Huby, myself together with our boys went for a "PAID" simple breakfast elsewhere!!

Scot picked a piece of his favourite chocolate cake.

Sean had donut & sausage bun!

Other pastries......
No doubt the price of the bakeries was a little high, at least we benefited from a quiet, peaceful & nice english breakfast with a cup of nicely brewed coffee..... :P

Then we proceeded to the Rabbit Farm.........arghh, another 'boring' place!!

Then, it was a session with the magician ' bluffing / kidding ' the kids......

Finally, something 'worthy' we had done......

I forgot what this is call..... the boys had one of their hand 'moulded' with wax !!
Said only RM10 each hand, but the base was charged separately, colour needs add'nal charge & etc etc....ended each wax cost ard RM30!!!

Clever SEAN who showed the 'big gut' of trying it out first.....

The cheeky SCOT 'chicken out' at first & only after much convincing, he reluctantly tried !!!

But sadly, the wax was too thin so it was a little difficult to keep it intact given our warm weather so Scot's one has melted a little at home.......sigh !!!

Back at our suite room, the boys were boring until they had to play hide & seek in the wardrobe!!

Overall, it was a 'memorable' outing !!!


khongfamily said...

Great to have food buddies to eat such a nice and expensive food ehh. As long as the food is darn nice and worth the money, jauh also nevermind lar :P. Too bad we don't have food kakis, if not we would tag along too....hahahah.

Irene said...

wahseh, really "people-mountain-people-sea". RM450 for a dish!! can use tat $$ to makan a 8 course dinner oredi :) but u guys enjoyed it, so i guess OK ler

Rjoc said...

So would you do it again? My how you have changed, (kakakak) now you nag just like your mother did, and did you complain about it before? hahaha

Annie Q said...

Wah wah wah!! RM450 for the soup only!! tsk tsk tsk!

Bukit Tinggi we went there two years ago during christmas, yes it is a boring place, not much thing to eat, like u said, morning breakfast also have to queue. But for my boys for the first time, they like it and enjoy it. :)

slavemom said...

The "heavenly meal" is truly expensive (as expected). Luckily it was vy 'ho chiak', considering the travelling n $ spent.
Tourist spots r always crowded during festive hols hor. The highways too. Good thing we stayed put in KL. :)
Looks like ur conclusion: Bkt Tinggi = boring plc. Can safely tick this plc off our to-go destinations. :D
The wax hand can melt so easily one ah? Gotta keep in the fridge to maintain the shape loh.

huisia said...

last time my jo almost suffocated the rabbit at the rabbit farm.

renet13 said...

ooh my kids will sure enjoy that place no matter how boring the adults may find it. BTW i got a rose award for you in my blog.