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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One more............bento for tomorrow !!

I'm an easy eater, just anything can easily pacify my hungry stomach when it's yelling in hunger.
So I had initially fried some garlic rice from the left over rice for tomorrow quick lunch & never plan to post it as it has nothing special that worth a feature!!
And it was left on the trolley table to cool before packing!! Now i realised how dangerous it is doing that!! Eventually it was attacked by my 'wai sek' monkeys!! Blame it on my ignorance to get them pack as quick as possible.....
So gone was my garlic fried rice !!!

Still can smile so cheekily ??!!

So i just do up some quick pretty sandwiches some 10 minutes ago....!!

I only came across the techniques to do these in the afternoon over at a japanese mama's site!!
Alternating the "HEART" shape nutella bread with peanut butter bread, surrounding some carrot sticks for munching !!!

Here are some mixture of fish & chicken balls which i'm also trying to finish up before i vanish for one week..... just can't trust the man to cook up the food left in the fridge during my absence for a week!!

I like this simple bento!


khongfamily said...

Hey, do you have the direct link to the making of the heart bread? I've seen it somewhere but then I couldn't find the link anymore. Thanks.

Jacss said...

here u go mrs.khong


Irene said...

ur boys are really cute! geram!

slavemom said...

Garlic rice for supper? hahaha
Eh, that heart sandwich for u or the boys? How come u use the Pooh tupperware one?

jacss said...

tq irene!!

ginie: yalor...after stuffing d rice into their stomach, less than 30mins, they collapsed into their dreamland...sigh!!
that 'heart' sandwich was mine la...i 'memang' use their lunch boxes wan...cute rite, it gaves a smile on me during lunch, blek & wink-wink....!!

Annie Q said...

See ur food so nice, till your son also cannot resists to finish your fried rice!!!!

I love the heart shape sandwiches! So nice, so neat and so pretty! I thought that is your sons's sandwiches. :)

shoppingmum said...

I like heart shape sandwiches too! :) Learned it from the same site as yours!

LittleLamb said...

your bentos look very simple. simple n yet attractive....