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Sunday, December 2, 2007

10 Things i hate

JO-N passed me this tag about the 10 things I hate. It looked simple but

It looked simple but i was made to understand that it should be one word answer, then it's not that easy! Anyway, here's what in my list:

Betrayal (in particular by your trusted ones)
Violence/Abuse (esp. towards kids & the weak ones eg. woman/elderly)
Cheat (it made me feel so dumb)
Pressure (with work)
Fake (if i have no choice/force to)
Selfish (apply to ppl who only "take" & never "give")
Obese (which i'm trying hard to avoid)
Hunger/Thirsty (it's torturing having to endure)
Rude (can't be forgiven)
Hatred (i didn't want to have this in my life)

How about you, Rjoc?


Rjoc said...

HMMM too much brain power required lah. What if I think of more (or less)

JO-N said...

hahaha. Jacss, it's not meant to be one word answers. I changed it to one word answer because I thought those things that I hate can be understood without me explaining further. Anyway, you did a great job!