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Sunday, December 2, 2007

" SUI DAN " / Steam egg

Most of the chinese family would have this dish called "sui dan" (in cantonese) in their home-cooking menu. Besides its' countless nutrients, it is also one of the easiest one to cook! Furthermore, it is also the most recommendable dish for today's busy mumy especially those with young toddlers!
My mom too like to cook this once in a while when there are only spicy dishes on the table & nothing suitable for my boys. But usually, my mom would do it the "sam wong dan" way:

"chicken eggs + salted eggs + century eggs + water + salt/soya sauce + pepper"

But yesterday, as we watched a "Travel & Food" show hosted by the HK famous "Choy Lan", we came across another interested way of doing the "sui dan". That idea immediately attracted my lou kung & he instantly promised to do it today!
Early in the morning, we went to Putri Mart, a nearby market for our breakfast & shopped for all the necessities for our cookings!

Here's the outcome of the imitated 'sui dan'.........which was well received for the smooth, sweet & juicy texture !!!















If you or your kids also love it, give it a try!!

Updated recipe (sorry no measurement) :

steam the "la-la"/clams

scaterred the cooked clams + crab stick + sausages on the plate

beat 4-5 eggs with water + pepper + salt/soya sauce

pour the eggs mixture onto the plate to steam until cook

Happy Cooking!!


Rjoc said...

But Jacss you left a lot of space and did not tell the uninitiated how to cook it! Century egg yes I have met often, mainly in Hong Kong, salted eggs are available here, poached eggs is a western way of cooking them and are good for children etc, the end results look similar to yours, or they can be cooked in the shell but not hard boiled and eaten straight from the shell in an egg cup.

slavemom said...

hehehe Looks like ur lou kong is the big chef in the hse. ;)

Tracy said...

Wow! U were fast. I wanted to try dat. Looks soooo yummy and I'm sure it tastes yummy too esp. the 'lalas' .... *drooling*

Zara's Mama said...


no 'seng' smell? I cannot tahan 'seng' in sea food.

Btw, I tagged you.

Tot's Mom said...

First time here.
So, you watch this Choy Lan show. I'm in Hong Kong and I think they will have another season of this show sometime next year.
By the way, I can never do the steam egg dish properly. It never turns out smooth!!

Jacss said...

uncB: i've updated d recipe....just for u, hehehe!!!
poached eggs can be eaten from d egg shell...it must be interesting for my boys, even mumy wana try!!

genie: hehehe...little chef only lar!!

tracy: u also 'lafu' d food showleh, go go go...try it out, it's nice!!

agnes: u really got to get rid of the 'seng' smell by soaking the lalas with salt prior to steaming & add ginger in d steaming water!!

tot's mom: thanks for dropping by,

yes my huby esp like those FOOD show incl the Choy Lan one!

Btw, the one that we watched here is always d outdated one....for the new season, we might have to wait a little longer i guess....

practices make better results, good luck!

Wen said...

we like sui dan too, but this is a creative way of steaming egg... must try...

Tot's Mom said...

Thanks for leaving a return comment at my blog. I'll add you onto my blogroll so I'll remember to drop by again next time.

JO-N said...

My kids would love this.

Jacss said...

try it wen & jo-n....

sure tot's mom: i shall link you too to continue supporting each other.....