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Thursday, December 6, 2007

In loving memory of uncle N.............

My mom has a very good friend (aunty N) who was actually our neighbour back then when we resided in Ipoh, Perak some 30 years ago (the place & time I was born). We moved back to PJ after staying there for about 3-4 years. But mom & aunty N kept the friendship going on until today. Both parties would pay courtesy visit to each other when they happened to hop over to the neighbouring states.

Few days ago, mom received the news on the passing of aunty N’s husband (uncle N) who has battled for quite some years with heart & other health problems. Being “kam lan chi mui” to aunty N, mom wouldn’t miss the chance to pay her last respect to uncle N. Both mom & dad drove all the way to Ipoh to attend the funeral.

Over their conversation, aunty N shared with mom on how their 3 children shared their final moments with uncle N (knowing his bad condition). It was such a heart wrenching stories to both mom & I. The 3 siblings consist of 2 elder daughters & 1 younger brother. Coincidently, dd no. 2 is a nurse by profession in KL. She took 1 whole month of unpaid leave to stay back home, full time nursing his sick dad from cleaning, changing to feeding him! Then, over the weekend other siblings went back home to spend the time with their dad. At night, both the 3 siblings squeezed into the small room to sleep with their dad giving him the full attention he may require. But then on that faithful night….when aunty N was having a shower & both DDs went out of the room leaving only the son & uncle N, suddenly the son doesn’t quite feel his dad breathing. He quickly called out to his sisters & mom. DD no. 2 immediately started her resuscitate actions trying to revive his dad but no, GOD has a better plan for him.

What impressed my mom & I the most was how much the siblings sacrificed & contributed to the ‘caring’ of his sick dad. Ask ourselves, how many of us would/could be doing that to our dad in critical situation like this? In order for that to happen, a real close + good + bonding relationship must exist. Even if you are prepare to care for such sick person, the skills & knowledge to handle a sick person are significant in order not to hurt them, right?
I’m not sure about others but I actually “doubted” myself. Even my mom also acknowledged that not all children could play such caring roles.
So given these encounters, I think it is about time for us to take a pause, think & prepare ourselves in times of such needs.

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So kids.......lets give a thought about how we want to care for our beloved ones in time to come!!

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