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Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Lousy Mommy......

Remember one of the day last week was a public holiday for Selangor state while the KL folks needed to work? Yes, i was one of those who was so blur & lived in my own world. Coincidental, my huby was away from town so i was left to do the chauffeur jobs! And i have to carry the sound sleeping handsome(s) to the car.......boy.....there were so heavy now!!!

My boys' daycare happened to be in Selangor so obviously i overlooked the fact that the babysitter was supposed to be on holiday! But being unaware, i still sent my boys to the kindy only to find out the actual fact!

When i saw the gate & door all tightly locked, i knew somethg was not right....I was like....Oh my god....i really hated myself then....knowing i got no other choice but to rush to the back up ....i.e. send the boys to my parents!! As my parents were at the market, i parked my car nicely and ready to get the boys to go down!!

BUT guess what happened next ??????????????????

Another......OH MY GOD.......!!!

When i carried the boys up to the car, i forgot their SHOES!!! They can't walk & i can't be carrying two of them.......how how how leh??

I immediately called my dad & asked my dad to buy 2 pairs of slippers (size for 6 yo).....cheap cheap will do! Then after abt 5 mins of wait at the car, my dad arrived with 2 pairs, one size 11 & one size 13 !!! My eyes ROLL big big ...... this old man must have forgotten it was his twins grandsons.....how in d world can he be getting 2 different sizes for the 2 little feet of the same size???? So, there he goes.....for a change of the size!! We waited for another long 10 minutes!

Then, dad came back with different slippers pulak coz he said the previous ones don't have 2 pairs of same size! So he got the 'japanese type' slippers for the boys!

Now we learnt to keep a pair of shoes in the boot of the car!!

Initially, when the boys saw the cartoon charactors on the slippers, they got excited & loved it. So they put them on & walked along with my dad. But then as it was their first time experiencing wearing these type of slippers, their little toes had difficulties gripping the slippers tight for a smooth journey so my mom said they later complaint of not wanting to wear the slippers!! Sean even cried for another pair but my mom ignored his usual unreasonable demand and diverted his attention. For the rest of their day..........as i was working, i chose not to know, hahaha !!

Boys....sorry boys, you've got a super lousy mommy !!


Rjoc said...

Must be just old age already starting Jacss. Hehe!
Or just the pressure of everything happening around Christmas time.

Jacss said...

yeah...i know, don't be so kind to remind me...but i'm only half yr age, bwahahahaha !!!

yes, xmas can be a busy month coz it's d final month of the year!!! lots of shit to clean....hehe

Annie Q said...

U're not lousy mummy, it just too many things in your mind. Take it easy jacss, but anyway, i have a good laugh on the "incident".hahahaha

slavemom said...

Luckily still got back-up plan. Hahaha.. u're the type that go kelam kabut w/o hubby in the hse, eh? (like me lor) LOL