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Monday, December 10, 2007

Birthday again but it's the FIRST one.........

This was just another b'day celebration that we attended last week. There isn't anything special to be mentioned about except that i wish to dedicate this post to this lil guy.....my latest nephew + b'day boy + the youngest in the family now!!
He is named the "kam poh loh"/(direct translation : gold pineapple which denote somethg very valuable) of the family bcoz his dady (my BIL) is the eldest & the only son in his family......so this lil fella came by so preciously.....
His entire family members (esp. my sis & BIL + his yeh-yeh, ma-ma) were over protecting him too much.....the pair of hands never leave his little body to explore, always there to hold & hug him in fear of him falling!! Though the intention was good, we sometimes felt pity for this guy coz by almost 1 year old, he was still not able to sit strong all by himself, what more to crawl stabily?? SIGH.....SIGH.....SIGH......

So.....nick nick, "yee-yi.../me" hope to see you a grown up toddler soon. We know that you have been restricted to explore now but hopefully when your mumy & dady finally willing to give you some freedom to do so...you will find the world much more exciting !!!

He is not the very handsome type......small single eye lids + tu-tu/long lips but this is just the type of baby that i like.......so CUTE CUTE & CUTE !!
See the lucky 'kam poh loh' getting pecks on his cheeks by his parents!!
And bcoz the dady & mumy were so afraid of the mess of hosting a party at home, they must have 'simply picked' this place.......really nothing to be proud of !!
I would say it wasn't a good choice as there were not many children in the guest list....mostly were adults relatives.....so...ergg...we all ate fried chic, hotdog, burger, fries lor....guess what, the best for me was the ice-cream waffle, hahaha
When it was time for games.....there were not many participants as the children were either too small to join or too big.....so ended up some of my BIL's teenage cousins plus my youngest sister got to joined in the game just to make up the number !!
My youngest sis in white, my eldest niece in red......

FINALLY............what i wana highlight of the event was the "chicken" side of my boys! I just couldn't understand, despite their age now at 5, they were still very very afraid of big maskot like the a*w BEAR!! Even with their favourite cartoon character, they would still ran their life away when seeing them in real big size....LOL!!
So when the rests were happily greeting the BEAR maskot, my 2 boys went hiding behind the rack. Despite their dady's several tries to coax them to come out & join the games, he failed. And my boys was seen hidden there for a long good 10-15 mins until i asked my sis to get the BEAR to finish his job & leave..............hahahaha
Check out their worried & concerned "looks" below...
In between the games, the guests noticed my twins were not in sight so,
my eldest BIL said:
eh, where's the 2 'samseng' ahh....scare ahh, cannot be????
"samseng = gangster"....he got evil stare from me
boy oh boy...shame shame!!


miche said...

hi...came here from colinwee.com.

your boys are just too cute...samseng that fear the A&W bear! LOL

In His Time

Anonymous said...

haha... they look really worried huh!? :-)

Annie Q said...

The picture show that they are really scared and worried. hahahaha....so cute and funny picture.

Anonymous said...

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