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Saturday, December 15, 2007

What we did on 15/Dec/2007...

What's so special about this date...heh? If it made you curious, walk with me & find out......
EVE of 15/Dec
After work, we decided to check out the happenings at The Curve after reading the interesting line up of events in the newspaper as well as after seeing some interesting photos from annie’s blog.
And I can’t agree more that the X’mas atmosphere was so far the best that I’d ever encountered! The pictures will tell a thousand words……..no other festival can compare to X’mas, it was just impressive & fabulous!

Initially, we were still undecided on what to dine but once huby drove pass the entrance & had a glance over Tony Roma's, he immediately made up his mind. Accordingly to him this place was long famous in S’pore & as usual Msia is always the laid back one…..since it’s here already, we will have to give it a try!! Food….good, yumm yumm, not at all bad !!

15/dec begins with the MORNING .....
The sunlight pierced thru our window burning my lazy butt till I couldn’t continue my sleep thus decided to wake up at 8:30 in d morning! While the rest were still fast asleep….peaceful blogging was the only thing I could think of doing. But I was only able to blog for about an hour when my little boy greeted me from behind. Then, probably due to twins’ instinct, the lil guy got the other half woke up too and I bathed & changed them. Soon we started our journey….

Had dim sum brunch….it was a great one and this morning, the boys had a NEW encountering! Guess what, as we had our usual favourite… ‘chicken feet’, the boys decided to give it a try….probably they were seriously curious as to why the adults ate such stuffs!! Once they tasted them, they finished the rest in no time. I bet they found it interesting & challenging to slowly munch the little-little bones along with the juicy skin+meat…….oopppss….uncle bob, hopefully we didn't make u ‘puke’ as I know u will pass them on…..u know lar, “ang moh” don’t eat these stuffs wan…..hahaha !!!

We then proceeded to Setapak to hunt for the boys’ school bags…..due to the power of the advertisement !! What ????????????? driving all the way from Puchong to Setapak for school bags for a 6Years old kid????? YES, that’s how crazy and mad the twins’ dady could be when it comes to his precious!!! He said there will be more choices……while I don’t mind joining the crazy gang!

In fact, the vast choices nearly got the boys struggled with their decision. Finally, they went for the ‘batman’ ones & dady got one back pack to replace the ‘baby bag’ that has spoilt. We named it ‘baby bag’ as it carries the boys’ necessities since birth during travelling….(bottles, wet & dry tissue, hanky, first aids, diapers, extra pants etc).

Since we were already nearby, we intended to check out the place called “LOOK OUT POINT” ….Selangor’s only forest reserve…from yenlin’s blog. But but but, huby turned round & round…only managed to find the ‘little genting hill’ but failed looking for the place. As it was already late, we decided to leave it for another time….sigh !! The boys then went for their drama class at 3pm after which we headed back for a much needed rest…but as usual they boys still refused to nap…..

Then, just as we were ready to head out for dinner, the two monkey fell asleep on the floor mattress. We allowed them to only nap for 15mins & off huby thrown them into the car.

Jeng…jeng…jeng……here’s the HIGHLIGHT of the day!
The place we had our dinner…..was suppose to be a place for a sweet & calm candle light dinner as the ambiance was so quiet & cozy BUT tagging along the monkeys just killed all the romantic mode!!! Yet i must give credits to my boys this time as they were EXCEPTIONALLY good at the dining table tonite.....yeah !!!

Both huby & I missed this place so much & had LOOOOOOONG desired to dine there but…I also don’t know why & how come we never make it possible all these years! We were trying out our luck as we were not sure if the restaurant is still in operation…….but thank god, it survives through the years !!!

8 YEARS AGO, this was the restaurant huby FIRST treated me to a dinner! As he was still in the process of ‘wooing’, naughty ‘me’ didn’t agreed to going out with him alone but I brought along 2 of my girlfriends to ‘wat’/force on him a real good treat, hehehehehe…….. but of course, not long his efforts paid off lar…

Now, lets give a little review on the restaurant & food……
What's so special about this rest....it was not purely the unique history behind the restaurant, but more so because this restaurant serves SWISS food. Now, i bet you would agree with me, we could count with one hand the number of such rest in KL. So it was kinda difficult to savour SWISS food in KL. Then, I must compliment all the foods we tried so far as they were so satisfying and sumptuous even to the fussy taste bud of my dear huby!!

I noticed the Swiss used lots of garlic, cheese & milk in their menu and most of their dish came with steamed spinach, mushrooms & baked potatoes as side dishes….they looked very healthy to me. And these mildly tasted side dishes went so well with the luring gravies !!!

We had our memorable dinner tonight as we sang our 6th anniversary lullabies while recalling our sweet memories!!

We walked the “HARD WAY’ all along & down the aisle.
We faced all obstacles in fighting for the love & happiness we both wanted.
We are able to understand each other better after marriage & it proved to improve year by year.
We managed through our terrible parenting life together.
So moving forward, all I hope is for the good things to become better & to maintain things we’d done best !! I strongly believe the importance of both husband’s & wife’s continued effort in contributing & improving the relationship as a married couple in order to LAST a ‘happy marriage’…….so I vow to perform my part & hope you would too !!

H A P P Y 6TH A N N I V E S A R Y dear and many more to come !!!
our wedding invitation card
Lots of luv…


Mummy to QiQi said...

wah....how come u got so much energy ah?? happy anniversary to you!!

Rjoc said...

The Christmas decorations look very nice, Chicken feet, I had it once in Darwin a long time ago, ok but have never gone back for a repeat and now with the chickens running around at our place neither Chrissie or I would be that cruel to eat them lah!! Cannot speak for Jin's Aunty though. I prefer to eat durian to chicken's feet though! For you though we will have to arrange a traditional Scottish dinner with Haggis!!
Wasn't it a risk to invite your 2 friends along also to the dinner, what if Jin then decided that one of them was better than his current girl friend?? hehheh,

Six years huh, time goes fast when you are having fun heh!
But you did not give the name of the Swiss restaurant that is an important place in your life's history. And when we met you 6 years ago at the wedding dinner, you were so shy, wah - did your "ang moh" from overseas scare you?
All the best for the next 60 years!

Ling That's Me said...

There are so many couples celebrating anniversaries in Dec :)

Happy anniversary to you!

1+2mom said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you :)

Wah..you also the same month with me, same as my 2 colleges too.

Tot's Mom said...

Happy ANniversary. Time flies, huh?

zewt said...

heyyy... what joyous celebration!

Happy anniversary and may you have many many more to come.

1+2mom said...

i have tag you, please goes to the site below :

chanelwong said...

wow..sooo busy...

Happy Anniversary and many happy years more..

Im[a]She said...

i love your 2 boys..they're so cute!!!

Jacss said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes anniversary of ours.... appreciated it much!!

yeah, i also came across many couples celebrating d same occasion this month....hopefully every couple is living happily ever after!!


-i'll look forward to yr offer of scottish dinner with haggis, k?

-nope, it won't be risky coz the 3 of us (girls) met him together and he had already chosen among us, hehehe.....

-ehh, i oredi showed d pic of d swiss restaurant....La Suisse in Damansara Heights!! u wana go, when u coming to KL again?

-yes, i'm the SHY type...what makes u think i'm not NOW??
60 years???? thanks, i want that...

Annie Q said...

WOW! I miss out so many post!!

First would like to wish u a "Happy belated 6th anniversary"! Many more years to celebrate!

La Suisse, sound very familiar, which part of Damansara Heights ar? The one near public bank there? Bukit Damansara?

What a fruitful day!! With so many activities. U very "geng" la!

Annie Q said...

Eh..u took more picture than me lei at the curve..nice pictures!!!

Jacss said...

Thanks annie!
aiya...talkg abt direction, me hopeless wan wor!! but heard huby said there was a big southern bank branch along d same street !!!

anyway, will check out d location later & let u know....worth giving it a try!!!