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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our 2007 X'MAS activities.........

I know.... I know... X'mas was already OVER.......but i was just too busy to do my updates as this year was just so exceptional !!! I've never been so busy with X'mas but this year, there were just so many events & functions to attend.......so instead of polluting my blog with more x'mas related posts, i'll just slot everything in at one go !!

20-21 December 2007
Ah Kung has much earlier conveyed his intention of visiting Genting Highland during the last Hari Raya Haji holiday (20/12) so my good 'lou kung' knowing that little request like this came very unusual, so he 'die-die' also must get a room despite the super peak season on that day. So there, booking was secured for Resort World hotel......paying unreasonably high price...RM305 for a deluxe room but the amenities & atmosphere of the room didn't failed to impress us !!

For those who didn't have a chance to climb up there, here's the preview of the x'mas atmosphere in Genting....very beautiful too!

As it was the wet & rainy season, we didn't go out to the outdoor theme park but only stayed put at the First World indoor theme park. It wasn't the boys' first time there so they were quite familiar with some of the rides.

BUT All i wana highlight this time was that the boys had to reluctantly say Good Bye to


It was such a heart wrenching moment to see them so excitedly looking forward to the car rides but only to be dissapointed by the rejection, reason being the boys had exceeded the maximum height limit !!!

Sean threw a very bad tantrum,...... as only after a long queue up, the boys came to know that they were rejected for the rides. I got very very angry too as it was only a "MERE" 2cm and yet they could be so cruel to the little ones who were then crying & yerning. After much bargaining & disturbances to the queue behind, the staffs were still not giving way so both huby & my face were really "black" !

We actually had to 'pulled' Sean out................ and as we were too furious, we yelled to them to.. 'fly kite'....arghhh !!

Later in the day, we actually passed this place several times & the boys were so matured....they didn't even look back at this place anymore, hahaha....

We are 'OK', mumy said it's just that we have grown up a little...... !!!

For the rest of the day, dady accompanied the boys for all other rides/games while mumy (didn't wana waste money on the rides) went shopping ALL ALONE.....it was such a luxurious moment for ME !! Ah Kung & Ah Ma were busy in the casino......

Isn't the below lightings & the gigantic sock beautiful??

With a blink of eyes, the fun day at the theme park has to end in the late afternoon as all of us needed a re-charge.....plus we missed the nice hotel room too!!

At night, we visited AH YAT 'kor' to eat this........drooling leh???

On our way back the next afternoon, we dropped by at one of the temple located approximately 15 mins from the hilltop. I'm sure many of you are just like me, this place has been there many many years ago and since our very first visit, we have been ignoring this place!! And boy....to my surprise, the place has been developed so much & definitely worth another visit if you have not been there for a while!

The boys with mumy!

I can't recall exactly how long was my last visit but i do believe it has to be at least 5 years ago so below were some of the attractions that caught my eyes.....

To see all 18 levels of the 'hell', one needs to reach the top of the man-made mountain but we gave up after reaching the 10th level so didn't managed to see the rest of the 8 levels.....
haha, if only you believe this, huh???

That morning itself we had a late breakfast at the Hainan kitchen and by the time we headed down the hill, our stomach was actually still full. So, the only reason my huby went for a walk at the above temple area was to consume up some of our energy and to burn of some calories.............reason was simply because he was planning to eat the famous "LOH MEE" at Ulu Yam (exact spot would be nearby the main train station). We did asked around for direction & by the time we found the restaurant, our stomach was "slightly" ready to work..........

It's a little different from what i used to eat, which is the white type but over at Ulu Yam, the 'loh mee' was the black type. It didn't dissapoint us though.....yummy yummy!!


23 December 2007

We attended a Christmas party at huby aunt's house in Kepong! There were 2 x'mas parties invitation for us this year which were not an annual thingy so our x'mas this year was definitely more meaningful, joyful & cheerful !! A Carole singing session was arranged by the aunty's church members but unfortunately they didn't managed to get the santa claus in so the kids were slightly upset.

Dady found a VIP spot (a study table with air-cond) for the boys to eat!!

Christmas eve.....24 December 2007

We had a simple thanks giving dinner this year. We were both too busy to search for a nice hotel for buffet dinner and we didn't want to burn our pocket too much..... so ended up, we did nothing until the very last minute decided to try the newly opened Shilla Korean buffet dinner at The Curve. There really isn't much that i wana talked about the restaurant as well as the food so i suppose you could guess my ratings !!


Christmas 25 December 2007

Before we attended the 2nd x'mas party around lunch, we dropped by at 1Utama for a light breakfast snack. Needless to mention, there was another incredibly beautiful decor of x'mas at 1Utama !!

This time the party was hosted by huby's god parents, the Soon family (also PIL's old friends back in ASetar).

We were also entertained with the Carole singing session and this time, the crowd was even bigger and guess what, the boys finally got to see the Santa Claus..........and i was quite surprise they were not in fear this time, haha !!

I particularly like the little white angel at the top of the x'mas tree!!!
Received "your" card today.....lovely, thanks !!!
Here are 2 very lively videos to share with you .......

This was definitely a much more MERRIER X'Mas than before and the best we've had thus far !!!

Till then, we shall catch up again next year !! The Heng family is here to wish you a

Very Happy New Year 2008 with loads of good health, wealth & laughter!!!


Mummy to QiQi said...

so much of nice food!! u make me long for an abalone now :(

huisia said...

wah..genting has changed so much..
i found that you also like to let your boys wear oshkosh. :)

Tot's Mom said...

Everyone seems to be going up to Genting. It's my parents' favorite place too for a short break. They just love to see whether they can get a little pocket money from the Lim family. :)

Rjoc said...

Seems that it is very hard to get into hell!!
You have had a very busy christmas, now the boys will be understanding it more. It will not give you much time to recover for the CNY?,

Jacss said...

cnee: go for it... since 1 mouth but "3 persons" r eating so it's worth d price, haha!!

huisia: yeah, genting has evolved so much....
i have been making sure that my boys wear their "osh kosh" whenever possible as long as they still fit....to maximise utilisation..."kiasu" ma, anyway my sis bought them on our behalf so much cheaper from US !!!
so now u know lar...hehe

tot's mom: ooh...so yr parents r frequent gambler there ahh. did they ended up contributing to uncle lim family instead, haha?

uncle bob: yeah...exactly, it did crossed my mind too that CNY is so near...and that would means spending $$$$ & busy life...sigh!!!
yes, i'm sure my boys looked forward to x'mas very much in d future....

Wen said...

i paid RM139 for deluxe room wor.. was it the same as urs?

JO-N said...

Jacss, looks like a nice christmas. Your boys are always so happy and forever smiling. Their smiles take away sorrows. I love to look at their photos.

PapaJoneh said...

I love seeing your twins. i love all their pictures. It makes me feel the anticipation, "tidar sabar" for my own twins to grow up and enjoying life as yours too.

I probably late but better late than never, Merry Christmas jacs and family. this is the only time at 5:40AM I'm able to curi time to do some blog hopping to my favorite blogs. i probably go to sleep again so that I can wake up at 8am to go to work again.. ON SUNDAY!!!

Anyway, now better I say early here, Happy New year 2008. May your twins always happy and healthy. May all your wishes come true Jacss.

For info, the mybloglog icon is actually wife's one :D I am using wife's pc now hahaha.

Ok see you soon for more Sean & Scot :D
Love them .... never get enough of looking at them. Hahaha.

Ling That's Me said...

I didnt know Genting has changed so much! Can see that ur twins enjoy their holidays very much. :)

slavemom said...

Wow.. ur yr end/X'mas period was packed with so much activities. And a lot of makan makan sessions too. Yummy! Poor thing the boys were so disappointed not being able to take the ride. But at least they've taken it b4. What was the max height?

Sasha said...

WEI HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JO-N said...

Happy new year!

CresceNet said...

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huisia said...

no update??
Happy New Year!

Annie Q said...

Happy new year to u & ur family!!!

Zara's Mama said...

I forgot to wish you Happy New Year.

Sounds like lots of fun... your year end parties!